BX (Blackstone Group LP/The)

Private Equity, Private Equity, Financial

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The Sizemore Capital Dividend Growth Portfolio invests in dividend-paying stocks, REITS, MLPS, and other income-producing securities with the primary objective of generating a high and growing income stream that will outpace inflation over time, and a secondary objective of long-term capital gains.

ETFs / Funds
Sharpe ratio
0.61 365 days
9.2% 365 days
Risk score
  • 1.5% fee
  • $20,000 min

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The Small Cap Broad Market portfolio is a portfolio designed to systematically deliver return and risk characteristics of small cap stocks within the US equity market.  The portfolio is implemented using a rules-based approach and offered at a relatively low cost.

Covestor Smart Beta

This portfolio is new to the Covestor platform and does not have 365 days worth of daily performance data required for us to calculate risk metrics.

Sharpe ratio
Risk score
  • 0.08% fee
  • $5,000 min

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